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              Welcome to Shanghai Qiao Feng industrial co., LTD's website

              High quality and durable

              The specialty is engaged in the food, dairy products, beverages, biological, chemical, pharmaceutical and other areas of the whole line project and laboratory equipment manufacturing, sales and perfect after-sales service. Our main products are multi-function extraction enrichment unit, small and medium-sized spray drier, experimental spray drying machine, etc.

              Excellent team, industry elite

              Specializing in the production of powder manufacturing of complete sets of equipment. Currently has a powder production needs in the process of feeding, conveying, crushing, sieving, mixing, cleaning, drying, etc. Series of powder equipment technology and manufacturing capability, for the overwhelming majority of customers with technical support and solutions in the process of powdery production.

              Advanced project innovation

              Qiao Feng in recent tens of thousands of times experiment, summarizes the needs of customers, and solve customer's problems in practice. Especially in the ultrafine powder, low-temperature drying machine, organic solvent spray drier, vacuum low temperature drying, spray drying owns more than 80 innovation in the system.

              About us

              Shanghai Qiaofeng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in R&D, production, sales and after-sale of powder drying equipment. The company is now an entire turnkey project company that is committed to providing complete solutions for new energy materials, fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals and food engineering.

              In order to ensure brand leadership, the company has established core R&D teams focusing on Shanghai Jiaotong University and East China University of Science and Technology, and has been working with research institutes of Zhejiang University’s Mechanical Engineering Department, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University's School of Pharmacy, and Shandong Agricultural University’s School of Food Engineering for years. Cooperation has achieved a breakthrough in core technology. In the country, the first low-temperature condition was used to spray-dry the materials, which solved the technical barriers to high-temperature material deactivation. Now it has been applied to dairy products and plant extraction.

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